Morph Server for multiple subunits and nucleic acids

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This page allows you to request a morph of more than one distinct chain of a structure. There are a significant number of limitations to this; information is available here and in the FAQ. Unless you want to include nucleic acids, at this time we recommend using the new beta server instead.

All movies will be entered into the database automatically; see here for details.

This application also processes nucleic acids; checking the box for non-protein structures below will use a different script to generate the movies. Results (see here and here) have been generally good, but mixed structures will not render properly using the current software. (Assuming the morph is successful, the downloadable PDB files should still be adequate.)

Fields designated by (*) are required.

Protein Name: (*)

Number of frames between solved structures (default:8 max:30)

Morph Type:
Fit structures with CNS
Nucleic acid-only structure
Private ? (Strongly discouraged)

PDB files for upload: (*)
File #1 (*): Chains (list as string, i.e. 'ABCD') (*):
File #2 (*):  

Corresponding PDB IDs:

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Please note that all submissions are entered into the database and may be included in future studies using the database. Private submissions cannot be found by searching from our front page and will not be added to the movies page. Third parties could conceivably find them by somehow intercepting the acknowledgement email sent to you from the server, an eventuality we consider unlikely.