Info on private submissions

All entries are automatically entered into the main database unless otherwise specified. In the past, private entries were made public after six months, but this policy has proved unrealistic- some private entries simply use PDB structures that are already available, some use data that is still confidential after six months. In one case, two-year-old files clearly labelled as trade secrets belonging to a large, litigous biotechnology company were found in morph submitted by an employee. Applying a simple rule and set of programs to the entire database is not feasible under current circumstances.

Inquiries about private submissions should now be mailed directly to either Mark Gerstein or the site administrator. In most cases, we are happy to provide parts of the software for individuals to use to create their own movies, as long as they cite us properly. This has been done on a number of occasions, when researchers want more control over the morphing or when structures are confidential. For us to create a custom morph ourselves, we'd usually prefer it be part of some official collaboration.

If you accidentally submit unpublished structures to the server and would like the morph deleted, we will of course honor this request (you should use the mail link above). In any case, we're always on the lookout for new motions and would love to hear when novel structures are released.

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