Server for morphing complexes

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Please read the help page before using this server.

This is a new server intended for morphing multiple chains. Unlike the existing multi-chain morpher, which is little more than an interface to CNS, this server will handle mutations and homologous sequences (only for proteins). This is not as sophisticated as the original server (see the help page for details) but we ultimately hope it will be more flexible.

Support for nucleic acids and heteroatoms is not yet implemented but will be added in the next few weeks.

Previously, all non-private movies were entered into the database automatically. For the time being, we are not archiving morphs for long-term storage. Please retrieve your morph result(s) within a few days of job submission. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause; see the following regarding private and public submissions: here

Fields highlighted in red are required.

Protein Name:
Please try to make this as descriptive as possible, e.g. "Calcium pump ATPase (E1 to E2)" or "RNA pol II initiation to elongation". These names will be the primary link to the morph in our database, and assist in our annotation efforts.

Number of frames between solved structures (default:8 max:30)

Interpolation Type: CNS (adiabatic mapping) FRODA lite (help)
Fit structures with CNS

PDB files for upload:
File #1: Chains (list as string, i.e. 'ABCD'):
File #2:  

Corresponding PDB IDs:
Private? (Strongly discouraged)
Description of morph:
We would appreciate a paragraph-length description of what the movie depicts, if known. These often form the basis for new entries in the motions database. Specific literature references are extremely helpful.

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Please note that all submissions are entered into the database and may be included in future studies using the database. Private submissions are treated differently in that the public will not be able to browse to them from the movies or search page.